Smuggling Stalls Growth of Colombia’s Auto Industry, Wards Auto, 15 December 2014

The smuggling of auto parts and vehicles into Colombia is a billion- dollar trade that has long shackled the sector’s potential for growth. Read full story

Venezuela Controls Encourage Major Meat and Livestock Smuggling, Global Meat News, 23rd October 2014

The Venezuelan government’s economic policies have created a boom in contraband meat and livestock. The trade is pushing down Colombian prices, putting consumers at risk and threatening the country’s hopes of becoming an export nation. Read full story

Colombia Ready with Program to Prop Up Auto-Sector, Wards Auto, 14th April 2014

Colombia’s struggling automobile sector is anticipating as early as today the launch of a new government program designed to help it follow the successful tactics of its principal competitors abroad. Read full story.

Mexico and Nicaragua Standout in New Prosperity Index, Yet Education Severely Lags, Nearshore Americas, 19th November 2013

The recently released Legatum Prosperity Index paints a picture of Latin America as a region on the up and ready to stake a claim as a major player in the global economy.However, improvements in overall prosperity are tempered by a sluggish performance in education, governance and security. Read full story

Latin America May Be Advancing but Innovation is Still Elusive, Nearshore Americas, 18th November 2013

Around the world there is a consistent correlation between a country’s per capita GDP and how well it scores on innovation indices – the wealthier a country gets, the more innovative it becomes. Except, that is, in Latin America, which has seen countries across the region make a step up in terms of economic development but stagnating when it comes innovation. Read full story.

Corruption: A Stubborn Pitfall of Doing Business in Latin America, Nearshore Americas, 23rd July 2013,

The publication of Transparency International’s 2013 Global Corruption Barometer offers a stark reminder of the stubborn persistence of one of the principal pitfalls of doing business in Latin America. Read full story

When the Data is Plain Wrong: Nearshore Community Reacts to Faulty Index, Nearshore Americas, 12th June 2013

A new study that lists the best and worst countries around the world for their business English capabilities has not just raised eyebrows in the Nearshore sector, it has also raised some serious hackles. Read full story

Testing the Social Impact of Outsourcing by Launching Call Centers in Afro-Colombian Region, Nearshore Americas, 21st May 2013

An unusual alliance that has brought together multinational business and international aid with the local public and private sectors is set to test the social impact of outsourcing with a bold new project in Colombia’s Afro-Colombian heartland. Read full story

Zola Finds a Unique Model to Deal with Crisis Hit Publishing World, Nearshore Americas, 15th May 2013

For high street bookstores, squeezed by the explosion in e-books from one side and the dominance of online retailers like Amazon on the other, the death rattle has been sounding. However, for an enterprising pair of literature lovers backed by a nearshore software development team, the new digital age has instead been marked by the sound of opportunity. Read full story

A Mexican VC Reshapes Perceptions of Mexico, One Investment at a Time, Nearshore Americas, 4th March 2014

Cesar Salazar’s IT odyssey has taken him from hacker house parties to the foremost tech startup seeder in Mexico and part of 500 Startups’ global network, which is leading the way in spreading the Silicon Valley philosophy around the world. Read full story.

Can This Movement Make a Tech Revolution in Latin America? Nearshore Americas, 21st February 214

In the space of a less than a decade, “Making” has progressed from a tiny subculture of hobbyists fiddling around with the latest technologies to a movement its proponents herald as the “New Industrial Revolution.” Read full story

Creating a Latin America Youth Network Based on Code, Nearshore Americas, 31st January 2013

For an ever growing body of IT evangelists, the tech revolution has the potential to drive development and reduce social inequality across the globe. But with developing countries still playing catch-up in the tech realm, the question remains: How? Finding an answer to that question has been the goal driving Coderise, a program started by a group of young social entrepreneurs and IT specialists. Read full story

Latin America Creative Services, Where Cultural Advantage Really Counts, Nearshore Americas, 16th January, 2013

In a business world where a company’s growth and success are increasingly dependent on its relationship to technology and innovation, one sector has commandeered the cutting edge – creative services. Read full story

Want a Higher Functioning Tech Operation? Hire More Women, Nearshore Americas, 13th November 2012

The IT revolution has redefined the boundaries of business by ushering in an era of rapid change and innovation in a global market place. Yet within the sector itself, progress in tackling one of the business world’s oldest and most stubborn prejudices has been sluggish at best. Read full story

Brazil Scrambles to Devalue the Real, but How Much Can the Government Control? Nearshore Americas, 16th July 2012

Over the last decade, Brazil’s rapid economic growth has earned it a place at the table with the world’s economic powerhouses – earlier this year it even overtook the UK to become the world’s 6th biggest economy. However, the country’s meteoric rise has not been without its growing pains and in 2010 Nearshore Americas reported how one of these – currency appreciation – was not only acting as a drag on growth but was also hitting outsourced interests in the pocket. Read full story

After Decades of Neglect, Latin America Tackles Bigger, More Ambitious Infrastructure Projects, Nearshore Americas, 12th July 2012

Last week, news website Infrastructure Journal and audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG released the Infrastructure 100 – a report showcasing the world’s top infrastructure projects judged on their scale, feasibility, complexity, innovation and impact on society. The 18 Latin American entries in the report showcase a region facing up to the serious obstacles it faces if it is to forge a path of sustainable growth. Read full story

From Dilma to Slim; Which Latin American Leaders are Using Twitter and Why? Nearshore Americas, 7th May 2012

With close to 90% of Latin American internet users engaging with at least one social media platform, the region ranks second only to North America in adoption of this passing fad turned digital revolution. There are now over 118 million Facebook users and more than 55 million Tweeters in Latin America’s social network and where the internet-savvy have led, politics and business have followed. Read full story

Will Mexico’s Presidential Elections Affect the Nearshore Wave? Nearshore Americas, 27th March 2013

When Mexican President Felipe Calderon took office in 2006, he became leader of a nation divided by a close-run election that was tainted by allegations of widespread fraud. Six years later, and the legacy he will leave come the end of his term in December will be similarly divisive for Mexicans and foreign business interests alike. Read full story

What Latin America Can Really Learn from India’s Outsourcing Journey, Nearshore Americas, 21st March 2012

There are not many people in the world of outsourcing that can match Gokul Agarwalla for experience. The Indian-born 65-year-old has travelled the world several times over in a 40-year career that has seen him represent some of the industry’s biggest names and advise governments from India to Taiwan on how to tap into the outsourcing revolution. Read full story

Who is Maria Clara Choucair and How did She Rock the World of Colombia IT? Nearshore Americas, 7th February 2012

When Maria Clara Choucair founded Choucair Testing in 1999, it was the first software testing company in Colombia and one of only a handful in Latin America. The company started with a workforce of one – Maria Clara Choucair. Thirteen years later, Choucair Testing has 450 employees, branches in Medellin and Bogota and Lima, Peru, and a host of big-name clients. Read full story



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