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Is Nestle Involved in Murder Of Colombian Union Leader?

17th May 2013: On the night of September 5, 2005, two paramilitaries from the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia hijacked Luciano Romero’s taxi as he drove through his home city of Valledupar. They took him to a nearby farm, where they tortured then murdered him. His body was found the next day, dumped behind an army … Continue reading

Colombian Communities Reclaim Land and Life from the Paramilitary-Business Alliance

4th April 2013: The first of the displaced people to return to their homes in Curvarado, north Colombia found the forests they had known cut down, the rivers and streams diverted and the native wildlife long gone. It was a desert, they say – not of sand but of African-palm and cattle ranches. Standing in the … Continue reading

Teaching Peace: The University of Resistance in Colombia’s San Jose de Apartado Community

4th April 2013: The community of San Josecito in northern Colombia is an idyllic collection of wooden houses linked by dirt streets where the only traffic is the free-roaming livestock. Yet it is a community where every man, woman and child has a tragedy to tell. It is also a community that, since its inception, has … Continue reading