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Colombia’s Medellin cartel undergoing transformation

9th September 2012: The arrest of the crime kingpin Erick Vargas Cardenasin Copacabana, just outside of the Colombian city of Medellin, on Aug. 8 made little more than a ripple on international news wires. The scruffy, ponytailed man being led away by police cut an anonymous figure in photos — and a stark contrast to … Continue reading

Griselda Blanco: Life and death of a cocaine queen

5th September 2012:  On Monday afternoon, a middle-age man climbed off the back of a motorbike outside a butcher shop in a quiet Medellín suburb, entered, pulled out a gun and shot Blanco twice in the head before calmly walking back to his bike and disappearing into the city. As the woman lay dying on … Continue reading

Colombia’s invisible war: Interview with Jesus Emilio Tuberquia

28th August 2012:  Jesus Emilio Tuberquia’s life is at risk every time he leaves his home. As the legal representative and a founding member of the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado in northern Colombia, he suffers constant death threats and has survived several attempts on his life. Located in the conflict torn region of … Continue reading

Releasing the stranglehold: Education reform in Mexico

26th May 2012: Six years ago, after being elected to the Mexican presidency by the narrowest of margins, Felipe Calderón declared war on the country’s drug cartels. Now, with Mexicans heading to the polls on 1 July to vote for his replacement, the political debate is understandably dominated by the spiralling violence unleashed by this war, in which 50,000 people have died. Nonetheless, the … Continue reading