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Hounded By Paramilitary Threats and State Smears, Can the New Voice of Colombia’s Left Forge Peace?

13th June 2012: At the end of April, tens of thousands of Colombians from across the country descended on the capital city of Bogota to announce the birth of a new political movement – the Marcha Patriotica (Patriotic March). The streets were filled with representatives of communities on the front lines of Colombia’s struggles against violence, … Continue reading

New Battles in an Old War: Ecuadorian Anti-Mining Activists Build Resistance, Develop Alternatives

June 13th 2012: In early March over a thousand environmentalists and indigenous activists marched 700 kilometers from Ecuador’s southern Amazon region to the capital city of Quito. The activists mobilized to oppose plans for an open-pit copper mine they say will ravage their communities. While the protest was sparked by President Rafael Correa’s drive to further … Continue reading