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Senator demands UN expel Colombia’s Argos from carbon trading scheme

26 October: Senator Ivan Cepeda has asked the UN Secretary General to expel Colombian cement company Argos from the UN’s carbon trading scheme over allegations it is using land stolen from displaced people. Cepeda wrote to Ban Ki-Moon claiming Cementos Argos used its links to leaders of the now demobilized paramilitary group the AUC to … Continue reading

Profiles of the leading candidates to be next mayors of Colombia’s main cities

24 October: With just days to go before Colombia‘s local elections, campaigning has officially ended and security forces and electoral observers are moving into place. Colombia Reports looks at all the main candidates to be the next mayors of Colombia’s principal cities. Click on the links for full profiles. Bogota Gustavo Petro – Movimiento Progressivo … Continue reading

1 killed in Cali, skirmishes in Bogota as students protest education reforms

12 October: One protester has been killed in Cali, while riot police clashed with protesters in Bogota on Wednesday in the latest protests against higher education reforms. According to media reports, the Cali medical student died when he fell in the street, detonating potato bombs that he was allegedly carrying. An 18-year-old protester was also … Continue reading

Communities call for a popular movement to demand rural reform

5 October 2011: Representatives of rural communities have called for the formation of a “great, popular social movement” to demand rural reform in Colombia following the four-day Congress on Land, Territory and Sovereignty. Over 15,000 people attended the congress in Cali, representing indigenous, Afro-Colombian, farmer and worker organizations and social movements from across the country. … Continue reading

NGOs call on Santos to live up to human rights promises

30 September 2011: An NGO report into Juan Manuel Santos’ first year as president of Colombia has praised the government for its change in rhetoric and policy but criticized it for failing to improve the situation on the ground. The report, published on Thursday by U.S. NGOs the Washington Office on Latin America and the … Continue reading