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‘Paramilitaries preparing to attack north Colombia humanitarian zone’

23 September 2011: Paramilitary forces have been mobilizing to launch an assault on communities in humanitarian zones in northern Colombia, according to community representatives. Self-Determining Communities, Life, Dignity (CAVIDA) released a statement saying reliable sources had informed them paramilitaries were gathering in towns near the humanitarian zones of Nueva Vida and Nueva Esperanza en Dios … Continue reading

The Man Who Brought Down the Cali Cartel: Interview with the author of At The Devil’s Table

21 September 2011: In 1995 the Cali Cartel was the world’s largest and most powerful criminal organization. However the actions of one insider helped bring the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers’ drug trafficking empire crashing down. Colombia Reports speaks to William Rempel, author of a new book about Jorge Salcedo – cartel security chief turned DEA informant. … Continue reading

Violence escalates in Colombia oil worker protests

20th September:  Escalating violence in central Colombia has left several police and workers injured as protests against oil company Pacific Rubiales spiral out of control. The president of the oil workers union USO, Rodolfo Vecino, told Colombia Reports the police were guilty of a “wild attack against workers” in the town of Puerto Gaitan and … Continue reading

Colombian Human Rights Defenders Targeted for Prosecution: The case of Principe Gabriel Gonzalez

14th September: On August 18 of this year, Principe Gabriel Gonzalez, a human rights activist with the Political Prisoners Solidarity Committee (CSPP) in Colombia, was with his sister in Bolivar plaza in Pamplona, a city located in north east Colombia. According to the CSPP, Gonzalez and his sister were approached by two armed men in … Continue reading