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The Political Policing of Dissent in the UK

25 March 2011: Just after midnight on Easter in 2009, 200 police officers forced their way into an inner-city school in Nottingham, England. They arrested the 114 people inside over plans to shut down a nearby coal-fired power station in a direct action climate change protest. It was one of the largest pre-emptive arrests the … Continue reading

Climate Wars

27 January 2011: The international climate change summit in Cancún in December 2010 produced an agreement that host president Felipe Calderon of Mexico declared a “success for humanity and reason”. All the major economies pledged to reduce carbon emissions and agreed to establish a ‘Green fund’ to financially help developing countries adapt to climate change. … Continue reading

Right Turn: The Violent Rise of the English Defence League

05 October 2010:  Among the thousands gathered in New York for the protest against the “Ground Zero Mosque”, one small contingent stood behind a red cross on a white background – the St George’s Cross of England. The flag was adorned with a Stars and Stripes in one corner and the Israeli Star of David … Continue reading

Defying Borders at a De-Facto Refugee Camp in France

12 August 2010: The abandoned railway line stretched into the distance, cutting through the scrub land of the French coastline. A group of men were knocking a ball around while three or four more were squatted on the tracks. I walked towards them with my companions, a German doctor and an Italian activist with No … Continue reading

The Israeli military and the “Decommissioners”

02 July, 2010: On the 17th of January 2009, Israeli warplanes pounded the terrified inhabitants of the densely populated Gaza strip in over 50 air-strikes. It was the 22nd day of Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli military assault on Gaza that left an estimated 1400 dead, including over 300 children. In the early hours of … Continue reading